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COVID prevention-Support with Functional Medicine Doctor-is based on research, using Superfoods Nutrition plans tailored for each client, Immune Pack, pharmacy grade Supplements

In this context of insufficient evidence, the scope will be to assess the scientific plausibility of preventive approaches and therapeutic (nutraceutical and botanical) interventions and then to offer clinical recommendations.

With respect to interventions, the practice of Functional Medicine emphasizes the primacy of safety, validity, and effectiveness. In the novel context of COVID-19, validity in the form of published evidence is lacking. Therefore, “validity” relies upon inferences from the mechanisms of action of individual agents and/or published outcomes data supporting their mitigating effects on illness from other viral strains. Likewise, data for the “effectiveness” of interventions targeting the viral mechanisms of COVID-19 are nascent and rapidly emerging. In this context, the following recommendations represent the Functional Medicine approach to the COVID-19 crisis: Adherence to all health recommendations from official sources to decrease viral transmission. Optimizing modifiable lifestyle factors in order to improve overall immune/defense function of your systems to reduce progression from colonization to illness. Personalized consideration of therapeutic agents that may: Favorably modulate cellular defense and repair mechanisms. Favorably modulate viral-induced pathological cellular processes. Promote viral eradication or inactivation. Mitigate collateral damage from other therapeutic agents. Promote resolution of collateral damage and restoration of function. Treatment of confirmed COVID-19 illness (as per conventional standards and practice): May reduce the severity and duration of acute symptoms and complications. May support recovery and reduce long-term morbidity and sequelae.

To avoid the post-COVID decrease of lung capacity, practice breathing exercises & Incentive Spirometry per your MD advice. Increase body & muscle exercises slowly as tolerated.

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