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Licensed in FL, VA & GA . See experienced MD instead of ‘non MDs’- Makes a difference
Expert knowledge,Experience, the more possibility of earlier cure
Early screening for any chronic conditions prevents many complications
As Functional Medicine Doctor, we aim to address the root cause of conditions
We collect all data of all symptoms, labs, conditions with 300 questions on computer
Connect the dots to find early & fix the ROOT cause/s – Prevention is better…
Diagnose future conditions’ probability now rather 5-10 yrs later
This id especially important in today’s healthcare landscape-
Taking many drugs for each & every symptom or rootout these…
Meds has many side effects and can be tapered down to none – many times*
Check my healthy clients reviews on Google with 5 stars across many conditions
Telemed Video Consults are Convenient & Affordable as well…
Plans focussed on Anti aging, Fat loss, prevention, better Muscles, skin, body & Brain…

Advanced Functional Medicine MD Expert

Search for the best doctor ended now – the most experienced MD- Functional Medicine Doctor near me – As I do Telemedicine as well

Internist & Hospitalist

Up to date knowledge of 30 yrs. Search for the best doctor ended now – Welcome onboard – Get the best Concierge, Precise, Preventive highly successful care-Consult time 1-2 hrs

Holistic Approach

Functional Medicine MD’s lens sees what others can’t imagine-Fix/Reverse Chronic conditions- Holistic approach-Looks at all systems- Connect dots-Using a variety of programs, tools and techniques to identify system’s imbalances-Get personalized, concierge & VIP treatment plans


Ram Reddy M.D., IFMCP

Specialized in LDN and MMJ

Only MD in Metro Orlando, Certified in both Functional Medicine & Internal Medicine + Proficient Inpatient/Hospitalist Medicine expert for > 30 years-
(with patient encounters approx. > 90,000 sofar & growing)
Low dose Naltrexone(LDN), Lipidology, Integrative, Natural,
Holistic Medicine & State Certified Medical Marijuana Doctor Mindful MD, forever student learning & committed to increase Health Span(may be 80-90) with total Wellness.

Functional Medicine MD’s lens sees what others can’t imagine

Some very common chronic conditions we Treat/Fix:

  • Lipidology(Board Eligible): Lipidologist: Proficient in treating/preventing/reversing atherosclerosis. Functional Medicine approach to fix problems with Cholesterol many times without a Statin(cause Insulin Resistance-Elevated Calcium score/10-50% blockage in any of the arteries-CAD?TIA?CVA)…More
  • All autoimmune conditions
  • Hypertension, Prediabetes, insulin resistance, Cholesterol conditions
  • Increase nitric oxide production naturally with Exercise, Nutrition and specific tested supplements to heal blood vessel linings, increase blood supply to all organs – heal Endothelial Dysfunction(ED). Get a free Nitric Oxide test-you can do at home- Call us-407-384-3000
  • Thyroid & other Hormone imbalance is corrected with nutrition plan, Gene testing for gluten
  • Women’s health–Bioidentical hormone replacement, PMS, PCOS, Maintain beautiful skin.
  • Fertility Functional Medicine is a systems based approach to optimize overall health to give your body the best chance possible at getting and staying pregnant. Smart way to achieve long-term health & avoid disease-supporting the optimization for fertility.
  • Men’s health–improving the ED with increasing Testosterone  naturally–sometimes replacing with bioidentical testosterone–studies show that creams work better than injections, pellets
  • Chronic adrenal, stress conditions can lead to fatigue
  • Migraines, asthma, fibromyalgia, ADHD, Autism spectrum
  • Many other chronic, recurrent bacterial, Viral & parasitic infections
  • Lyme, Chronic Mold exposure, Long COVID–About 20% of populations’ immune system cannot fix chronic infections- Dysfunction in Antigen Presenting Cells(APC)-Need a specific approach as per Dr. Shoemaker Protocols and Dr. Hyman(
  • Get specialised and genetic tests to identify these dysfunctions.
  • Neuro– Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinsonism, TBI, Neurodegenerative conditions, Brain Fog-Call us about Stem Cell treatments
  • Cancer prevention, early detection – healthy with good muscle, mitochondria -Good Nutrition plans for co-management of cancer treatment
  • GI: GERD, Crohn’s, UC, RA,IBS, Intestinal Permeability/dysfunction of microbiome
  • Environmental and food ALLERGIES, Chronic Skin conditions without using drugs like steroids
  • Metabolic syndrome with Insulin Resistance is the main cause of many conditions
  • Weight loss program is a science–changing your system to burn fat of at least 40 pounds in 2-5 months, Build Muscles as well…
  • Wellness, Anti Aging program with good brain, body,Balancing Hormones – longevity, Good brain function for disease-less happy life
  • Detoxification, chelation
  • Prevent arthritis & chronic conditions with the healthy weight, balanced nutrition, vitamins, minerals
  • Prevention of heart attack, strokes, neuropathy, chronic pain
  • Genetic Testing for precision, early diagnosis of familial & Genetic disorders – Scientific research linking genomic mutations to health properties is now growing faster. Clients see these studies too and are asking their doctors how they can get their DNA analyzed. -The solution, a precision medicine platform that translates the latest scientific research into real clinical utility.


Most Experienced in many fields of Medicine & Surgery-Internist, Hospitalist, PCP, Assistant Prof.


30 yrs expertise combined to provide the best quality – Reach health 360°


Fell the difference with early good results and the best supporting staff- get the answers in time without wasting time

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As per Harvard & Yale, 60-70% conditions can be prevented and or cured
with Nutrition and Lifestyle changes – tailor made for you…

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