Functional &  Internal MD* Dual Certified

MMJ, LDNdoctor

Functional Medicine Doctor Orlando

Why choose wisely the Good Functional Medicine Doctor?

Double Certified by Largest Boards in Functional Medicine(IFM) & American Board of Internal Medicine with expertise in many specialties
All Rounded Expertise saves your $$$- Avoiding unnecessary Tests & Supplements & healed earlier than nondoctors
Up to date Real-life deep Learning in many fields of Modern Medicine (Internist & Hospitalist, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, and General Surgery)
Inpatient(Hospitalist) + PCP(28 yrs expertise)= Providing Concierge / VIP services- Early healing & prevention of diseases & it’s complications

Diagnosing diseases many years before they surface(to avoid many drugs & their side effects)

Fixing root causes – connecting dots of all symptoms- 360° total health

Feel-good & prevent future surprises, Emergencies & hospitalizations…

Prevention = Future good Health to avoid surprise Dx, ER, Hospital time

IFM certifies Non-Doctors also-Find M.D. or a Doctor(info:   IFM.ORG)

MD with 10-12 yrs of Medical School understands better than Chiropractors, Functional Nutrition, NPs

or others just having certification from Functional or Natural Medicine boards

Having knowledge of complex body/organ Matrix to diagnose and fix complex problems

Comprehends the complex interconnections of total cell metabolism what others can’t see

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What is Functional Medicine?

*Address root cause(s), rather than taking one drug for each  & every symptom

*Focus to identify & fix the complexity and matrix of all dysfunctions leading to various symptoms and dis-eases

*One disease may have many different causes and  one cause may result in many different diseases.

*Connect dots and understand deeply- ‘living matrix’ sends you 300 questions-to understand all systems with my expertise

*Choose proficient MD-seen most conditions many times to target the specific/any manifestations/conditions/systems

*VIP Rx Protocol: We listen & listen as much time as you need(Come prepped with lot of questions)to review your whole history from the beginning of your life

*Mutually agreed – detailed plan of therapy- You will have full life map to take full control of your treatment with  goals and choices

* Understanding all Symptoms/Dysfunctions of the body provide me the insight to remedy your dysfunctions- sooner

*Your life story and body tell us how to best treat all your symptoms (mostly without drugs). Both of us continue making ongoing corrections as your body attains health with my constant contact.

*Healing partnership with client’s trust to heal the whole matrix.

*We both as a team can achieve good results for improving and sometimes reversing many chronic conditions

Quality,Affordable, Mindful M.D.from 1993 in Metro Orlando, Certified in Functional Medicine,

Internal Medicine & well experienced Hospitalist (Inpatient) Medicine

for > 27 years, committed to make you healthy sooner. 

Fusion of Modern Medical Knowledge with Functional, Natural, Holistic Medicine,

will guide you to  total Wellness (My Total patient visits  70,000-approximately).

Proficient Experience

27 yrs M.D.- Internist- 'Hospitalist'
Assistant Prof.of Medicine, UCF

Now, Functional Medicine services are available at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation,
Johns Hopkins Integrative Internal Medicine and George Washington University, in D.C. & other Centers

Deep Knowledge in Many Branches of Medicine with Inpatient Medicine >20 yrs, affordable as well...

Passion with Compassionate care for early & better healing-Experienced Health Coach

Be a model for your future generations becoming Healthy- With peaceful, easy good lifestyle

Healthy Body, Brain & Spirit- Achieve healthy happy cells & organs to reduce complications

Our Clients happy studies are many...

Few client’s stories from many of our client’s success stories

Functional Medicine doctor 5 star

10 yrs in Functional Medicine,
Natural, Alternative & Holistic Nutritional Medicine

M.D. with passion for nearly perfect care

Join us, to be another success story with a preventive remedy

a total health plan -our good supporting staff help you as well

Meet our team

Medical Services for >27 years

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Organ,Systems Biology,
Internal / Inpatient & Functional Medicine
>27 yrs Quality Experienced
Double Board Certified
Assistant Prof of Medicine(UCF)

Only MD in Metro- Certified by Institute of Functional Medicine & Internal Medicine(ABIM) &
Proficient active Hospitalist-PCP, Inpatient Medicine for > 27 years-Natural, Nutritional and Holistic Practice fusion
Medical Marijuana State of Florida Certified Doctor
Orthopedic Experience before coming to New York City



Graduated from UF, Ex-President of Office Managers Association. Helping our patients for 25 years with a tradition of caring with Passion.

John Archiniho

noninvasive sculpting

Noninvasive sculpting procedures including Cryo-lipolysis  Reduce excess fat/wrinkles, tighten loose skin/remove Cellulite.
Radio Frequency, Laser Therapy are effective in the treatment of acne/scars and dark spots, plantar fasciitis and sport/tendon/ligament injuries.
Pulse Wave Therapy- in treating Erectile Dysfunction after correcting any nutritional deficiencies to boost your hormones naturally and replace if needed.

Dolly Marrero

Customer Relations

Keeping Patient satisfaction as high priority, Bilingual

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By appointment only-Prefer to come  to Main Office

Between Home Depot and Post Office

As per my teacher, Dr. Mark Hyman- a world-renowned expert in Functional Medicine, Director of the Cleveland Clinic- believes everyone deserves a life of vitality, longevity with total Wellness. We all have the potential to ‘Create Health for future’.

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Connect dots to Diagnosis
Insurance companies are not yet ready to recognize Functional Medicine, Integrative Internal Medicine, Naturopathy, Holistic Medicine, Acupuncture as well as Preventive Medicine approach. We do not treat the symptoms giving one drug for each symptom. Instead we will find root cause of symptoms and we will give you personalized treatment plans mutually agreed. Simplified bite sized plans will be able to be implemented to change our clients to Health 360°. After the visit, office manager will provide superbill if you want to submit to insurance company, for out-of-network reimbursement. Members may be able to pay from FSA/HSA dollars.

Functional Medicine enables physicians and other health professionals to practice proactive, predictive, preventive and personalized medicine and empowers patients to take an active role in their own health.

We advise you to choose MD Board certified in internal medicine and certified by Functional Medicine Institute–then you get the fusion approach of moderate medicine integrated with, science-based approach to health via Functional medicine Doctor. A Functional Medicine practitioner evaluates how cells function, repair, and maintain themselves and contact the dots to remedy many symptoms, conditions and diseases–most of the time without using drugs. Many certified providers of Functional Medicine are not doctors-could be nutritionist, chiropractor, nurse practitioner… Choose a doctor wisely to achieve the best results compared to non-doctor providers of Functional Medicine.